Young couple from Asti “married” by Jovanotti

He had asked to marry her during the Jovanotti concert at Linate in 2019, while the singer-songwriter sang “Chiaro di luna”. Chiara Navone and Vincenzo Clemente crowned their dream of meeting their favorite author at the final date of the Jova Beach Party 2022, Saturday night in Bresso. Indeed, something more: Jovanotti invited them to the stage with his little daughter Beatrice, and “married” them with a formula that is not very canonical but certainly felt: “By virtue of Heaven and Stars and the power conferred on me by Nature and Love , my friends, Chiara and Vincenzo, I declare you wife and husband, husband and wife ». Then, the personal wedding gift: he dedicated his own «Moonlight» to them.

In fact, Chiara Navone and Vincenzo Clemente are already husband and wife, they got married in the town hall, and on Saturday they will seal their relationship in the church, on Saturday morning at the Collegiate Church of San Secondo. Chiara, 22, works at the “Doppio Malto” restaurant, while Vincenzo, 29, is a clerk at the “Risparmio Casa” household goods store. In addition to Beatrice, almost 2 years old, they have another little girl, Aurora, a few months old. She was also there in Bresso, but she remained under the stage with her grandparents, wearing ear muffs.

The couple from Asti arrived at Jova Beach because they took part in the Radio Italia contest “Belle stories”. «We sent our story, but we didn’t think they would select us – says Chiara – So we were amazed when they warned us that we would be on stage on the final evening of Jova Beach. We were quiet until a few days before, then we began to feel emotions. When it was time to go on stage Jovanotti told us: “You will see, it will be great”. And it was so. It was all spontaneous, completely different from the schedule they told us, and it went well like that ».

Chiara adds: «I wish everyone to experience such a thing. But above all to believe in it, not to abandon our dreams. I think that’s what allowed us to be chosen, to be young and to have dreams. We had fun, excited, because we are simple people. Having filled our lives in this way is the best for us ».

Chiara was fascinated by Jovanotti’s songs as a child: «I was 7 or 8 years old, I started hearing him at the Summer Boys. Since then I have never stopped listening to him and I have attacked Vincenzo with the “illness”. We actually listen to all genres of music, but Jovanotti is always the favorite. He connected us when we met at the disco, when Vincenzo made me the marriage proposal, and I also let my daughters listen to him. For me he has a symbolic value ».

Jovanotti will therefore be the soundtrack of the wedding. “Sure, we’ve worked out a set of songs by him. My father-in-law would have preferred something else, but it couldn’t be otherwise. And this adventure at Jova Beach will remain forever in our history ».

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