Zuckerberg’s temptation: paid Facebook and Instagram to buffer the decline in earnings

Half is thinking about Facebook and Instagram for a fee to buffer the decline in earnings. And in the projects of Mark Zuckerberg there is the creation of a team that explores the possibility of having some features below paywall. The first is the absence of advertising. The media talks about Meta’s intentions The Vergewhich explains how the new division is Zuckerberg’s first attempt at building paid features in its major ones social app, which today have two billion users. The group, called New Monetization Experiencewill be guided by Pratiti Raychoudhury, who previously headed Meta’s research. The news of a drop in Meta’s revenues (and profits) date back to last July. The social networking firm’s second quarter saw a 1% decline.

The division of functionality

For the first time in its history, the colossus of Menlo Park formerly known as Facebook, it is growing at a slower pace than expected. Meta’s revenues fell a 28.8 billion dollarsprofits fell to 6.7 billion dollarsalthough the daily active users on the platforms have risen to 1.97 billion. Due to competition from TikTokinflation that raises costs and doubts about the project Metaverse. Payment for content, remember today Republicis not completely unrelated to the company. Whatsapp currently monetize with business accounts by giving them the ability to reach customers. Some group administrators Facebook they can charge for access to exclusive content. Instagram instead focuses on content for subscribers.

All these experiences could then be developed by the teams of Half to bring new revenues to the company. In an interview with The Verge John Hegeman, Meta’s vice president of monetization, said the company is still busy growing its advertising business and has no plans to allow people to pay to opt out of ads in its apps. “I think we see opportunities to create new types of products, features and experiences that people would be willing to pay for and excited to pay for,” she said.

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